Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Update From The Polygraph Examiner

 Bigfoot shooter Shooter Justin Smeja's Polygraph Examiner wanted to clear up a couple of questions. Her update is as follows:

I would like to also just let you know that some of the confusion with polygraph examiners is that the public doesn't realize many things regarding the process and most importantly the following:
There is no bureau in the state of California that regulates Polygraph Examiners therefore, there is no actual monitoring of the conduct, practices or conditions that a polygraph will be held under law to follow.This is unfortunate however this also means that there is NO association in California that can legally qualify or deny that an examiner is or isn't  a qualified or "a member in good standing". Please don't take this wrong; I do everything morally and ethically in my business as a trained experienced professional but to clear up the questions regarding the fact that an examiner is only a qualified examiner if a member with an associates is completely not a fact. All these "Associations" consist of are a group of people who collect money from any person they can get to pay for membership and when they join, they then become "a member in good standing".
In addition, there is one main factor that is a must for an examiner and that is that you must be a certified or licensed polygraph examiner to purchase the equipment which proves and verifies to the manufacturer that you have been properly trained to use and operate the instrument.
Such as when a doctor wants to purchase an EKG machine, he must show his/her credentials because an untrained person cannot just go out monitoring heart conditions and giving results without knowing how to use or read the instrument.
Thought this might clarify some confusion!
Jeanne Hobbs

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