Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hoaxed, scammed, bamboozled, New bigfoot photo is a hoax!

Thanks to the keen eye of Adam Bird we can now say that the photos released yesterday by this blog were a hoax. I would like to thank Adam for bringing a quick end to this. Also, thanks to Matt Knapp for quickly posting the story about the hoax on his blog.

I must say, my interview with Norm Glasser was what put me over the edge on this one leaning toward possibly real. I have learned a valuable lesson. I believe the entire Bigfoot community and the Paranormal community at large can also learn from this. Witness testimony, no matter how convincing, can be false.



When Investigating this story I followed many leads, checked background and, of course, interviewed the witness. Most everything I found appeared to point to real more than fake. Were there red flags? Yes, there were but when I looked into those they were explained to me in a manner that was rather convincing. I suppose I put to much weight into witness testimony rather than my own gut feeling. 

The Sugar Flats Road Creature this is the subject of Norm Glasser's photos


I must also note, I approached the witness, he did not approach me. That, his testimony and his apparent story telling abilities made me re consider my skepticism on these photos.

Those that have heard the interview will tell you that this guy can sure spin a yarn.

Norm Glasser's Hoax Photo #1

Norm Glasser's Hoax Photo #2


The quick work of Adam Bird has put yet another hoax to rest, as a community we owe him a debt of gratitude.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Is this the face of Bigfoot?

******UPDATE****** THIS IS A HOAX******Details here:





Being a Bigfoot researcher, it's sometimes a daunting task to wade through all the Blobsquatch, blurry and misidentified animal photos to find that one that may be a gem. That gem is a rare find indeed. So when it finally comes around your first reaction is that of a skeptic. No one can get that good of a photo, right? There's got to be some  real photos of Bigfoot mixed in with all the garbage. This may be that photo.

My friend, Sally Petri, contacted me at the beginning of November with a seemingly extraordinary photo and an equally extraordinary claim of how this photo was obtained. This is not Sally's photo but was obtained by Norm Glasser. Norm is a paranormal investigator among other things but not a Bigfoot researcher. I later found that there was a second photo, same creature but a slightly different angle. I added the watermark to protect Norm's rights, Norm did not ask me to do this. I will release an image without the watermark but the copyright information must remain with this photo and please, if you would, link back to this article.

The Glasser Photo #1

This Photo First appeared on Norm's Twitter and Facebook pages back in July of 2013 and a post in the Hauntedsociety.com's forums in August. The abbreviated story goes something like this. Norm had had a possible Bigfoot encounter when he was a youth, he never saw the creature but he and his companions experienced something very frightful. They had trees that had been broken off thrown at them while they were in a boat. They never saw what threw the trees. Norm returned to the area this year to get some photos for a possible re telling of this and many other stories from his life for a possible book he may write. When he got to the site he caught a glimpse of a bipedal creature covered in white hair or fur in his headlights. Norm reached for his trusty Bell and Howell S7 slim camera to get a photo. It took him a bit to get the camera turned on and ready, as he raised it up to snap a photo, to his astonishment, this creature staring in his car window.Norm was able to snap 2 photos but does not recall doing it. He says all he remembers is the camera flying out of his hands, throwing the car in reverse and high tailing it out of there. Norm said he had to remind himself to catch his breath.

Glasser photo #2 From Hauntedsociety.com forums (arrows are not mine)

I knew I had to speak to Norm to get the full story. After contacting him he agreed to have a phone conversation with me and it was at that point that I decided that Norm sounded very straight forward and honest. He did not try to fill in details if he did not know them. I could find no deception in his story and the facts hadn't changed since his first telling on the hauntedsociety.com forum. Norm has never tried to push this photo for any gain and, aside from Josh Gates, didn't really seem to show anyone in the Bigfoot community. If this was a hoax surely he would have shown someone and tried to push this thing. Instead I came across it quite by accident when a friend shared it with me.


I can't say that this photo shows a Bigfoot but it shows something very strange. It does not appear to be a costume and it is not photo shopped. What it is I do not know, but I am very intrigued by the possibilities. Are we looking into the eyes of Bigfoot? 

My complete interview with Norm will be available soon, I am in the process of editing it to remove names and locations. My hope is that you will draw your own conclusions based on Norm's own words.

See Matt Knapp's take on this photo at www.BigfootCrossroads.com 

The Glasser Photo - All images copyrighted. If sharing, please link back to source.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Derek Randles Olympic Project Brown's Thermal the investigation continues

The excitement over the recently released thermal footage by the Browns and The Olympic Project headed by Derek Randles is still at a fever pitch. Derek has been releasing more photos of the area and the Browns have uploaded some videos to Youtube showing what they believe to be several stick structures. The investigation is on going and as the days go by more and more is being released. There are many who are working on the project and it is believed that in the days to come there will be breakdown videos and comparison videos of the footage. Whatever the thermal shows, bigfoot or not it appears to be taller and wider than a human subject standing in the same position. Will the breakdowns and comparisons prove this is a bigfoot? The short answer is no but if done correctly they could add a very important piece to the puzzle.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Melba Ketchum's opinion of Bigfoot Bounty and an invitation to debate the facts from Dr. Todd Disotell

Dr. Melba Ketchum is seemingly disgusted that one of her favorite actors is hosting a new Bigfoot show. Today Dr. Ketchum posted her concerns on Facebook and Twitter. The subject of her concern is Dean Cain, who is set to host 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty airing January 10th, 2014 at 10pm/9c on Spike TV.

Although Ketchum hasn't seen the show yet  she believes the show is rigged, and that the show will be "just another disgusting harassment of the Forest People". 
Ketchum also took the opportunity to further her claim that her DNA study is the real deal and shows absolute proof.
As of the writing of this article it is yet unclear if Mr. Cain or Spike TV have responded to Dr. Ketchum

While most in the Bigfoot community and the scientific community dispute her claims, one scientist has sent an invitation to Dr. Ketchum recently asking her to debate the facts her study allegedly shows. Dr. Todd Disotell, who will be one of the judges on the new Spike TV show, recently appeared on the After Hours With Rictor podcast and asked Dr. Ketchum to engage in a scientific debate regarding her claims. Dr. Ketchum has not yet responded.

I urge Dr. Ketchum, and anyone else for that matter to give this new show a chance before making uninformed conclusions based on rumors or personal feelings. If you wish to join the debate come on over to the Bigfoot Bounty fan page on Facebook.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bigfoot Bounty - Rumors abound but are they true?

Recently Dean Cain appeared on the Today show and promoted his new show, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty set to premiere on Spike TV in January. Since the promotion some in the Bigfoot community have come out against this show based on the very short clip and rumors that have been going around for a long time.

In the interest of full disclosure I am going to say here, publicly, for the first time that I auditioned for this show. My partner and I didn't make the final cut but it does give me a unique insight on just what this show is about.

The first rumor, and the one I have wanted to address for some time is that this show is out to kill a Bigfoot and that's the only way to win the 10 Million dollars. FALSE. This show has nothing to do with killing a Bigfoot, in fact it's a NO KILL show. There won't be any dead Bigfoot on the show. Many of the contestants would have turned the show down if that were the case, I know I would have.

Rumor Number 2 is that all the folks on the show were unknown until this show was conceived and that it seems fishy that they , a lot of them any how, became popular around the same time that the idea for this show came about. That perhaps maybe all their youtube videos, claims of shooting bigfoot, and other evidence was contrived just for this show. FALSE.  I can say with 100% honesty that this one isn't true. Yes, it is a coincidence but that's all it is, in fact most of the folks didn't learn of the show till the Fall of last year at the same time I did. In any show there are several steps to pre production, the first is always a research and development phase. Many were originally contacted in that phase and as far as I know none of those folks appear on the show. The second phase where we are concerned is casting, casting started in late summer or early fall of 2012 to the best of my knowledge, well after all these folks had already been known to the Bigfoot community.

Dax Rushlow and Rictor Riolo from Bigfoot Bounty
Rumor 3, this is a competition show and there's a cash prize and therefor can have no value to the Bigfoot community. This one is a matter of opinion. I guess the opinion is like this: "How can we take a competition show seriously? There's no place in Bigfoot research for competition." Really? Have you been in the same Bigfoot community I have? It's always been about competition. Copyrighting photos, my group has a better approach than your group, don't be friends with so and so because I don't like their ideas. Sounds like a competition to me. I hear the 4 Horsemen being mentioned and how they wouldn't like the competition aspect of this show. Look into history folks, those guys were as much about being first as many are today, some of them hated each other, oh and they all made money off of books and TV appearances when they could. Nothing wrong with that at all. They needed to feed their family's just like all of us do. Would they like the show? Maybe, maybe not but it does not demean the work they have done.

I guess in summary, lets watch the show before we make judgements on it. You don't have to like all the people on the show to enjoy it. Many of my friends made the cut, and at least one individual that I don't care for much but I wish them all luck. I know I'll be watching this show with the mindset that it's entertainment first and research second, much like Finding Bigfoot is. I know one thing for sure, the cast is very diverse and perhaps it will bring some folks into Bigfooting who may have been a little worried to do it before. I also know that the science on this show will be real, no BS there as it features Dr. Todd Disotell a well respected scientist.

PS: I'm rotting for Team Rictor and Dax! Love those guys!
Think you might give the show a try? Check out the Fan Page on Facebook :Bigfoot Bounty Fans

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A public appeal & invitation to Dr. Melba Ketchum from After Hours & Dr. Todd Disotell.

A public appeal & invitation to Dr. Melba Ketchum from After Hours & Dr. Disotell. We want to give Dr. Ketchum the chance and opportunity she deserves to talk about her research and results in a neutral forum regarding the subject matter we all love, Bigfoot. No jokes, no teasing, no judgment, or silliness. When someone is a guest on this webcast they are treated with utmost respect. So Dr. Ketchum please consider this. You will get a Sweet Sassy Glassy Bigfoot pendant out of it and that alone is worth it!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bigfoot Lawsuit, sad state of affairs : Hovey V Poling

So I have been away from the blog for quite some time, I was burned out on all the drama that goes on both behind the scenes and in public. The latest drama just couldn't escape my attention and I felt it is necessary to put the whole thing in perspective from a legal stand point. No, I am not a lawyer nor do I have any legal background but even a layman such as my self can clearly see what the law says.

First a little background. Melissa Hovey released the alleged Bigfoot photo way back in February of 2012. She clearly stated that she did not own the photo and issued an ultimatum to the real owner to come forward, the real owner did not and expressed clearly to Hovey that he/she wished to remain anonymous. Melissa clearly stated both in blog posts and on podcasts that the photo was not hers and she only claimed copyright to "protect" the author of said photo.

Shortly after the release of the photo Phil Poling, on his old SuperSoylent youtube channel, posted a video that removed Hovey's copyright and replaced it with his own, it was clearly a parody and Mr. Poling was trying to point out that Melissa could not own copyright to that photo since she openly admitted that it did not belong to her.

Fast forward to the lawsuit, I wont go into details about the suit as others have done a great job in that area already, Matt Knapp in particular and you should check out his blog for all those details. Suffice it to say Hovey was wrong, it can be spun however she likes it but she is wrong. She can not claim copyright on this photo, never could. Whether or not the photo belongs to Karl Kozak or not, the fact remains that Hovey NEVER had ownership of the photo.

What the copyright law says is important, here is a snipet of the law straight from copyright.gov. It speaks to ownership and who can be considered an owner of a copyright:

§ 202.3   Registration of copyright.

(a) General. (1) This section prescribes conditions for the registration of copyright, and the application to be made for registration under sections 408 and 409 of title 17 of the United States Code, as amended by Pub. L. 94-553.
(2) For the purposes of this section, the terms audiovisual work , compilation , copy , derivative work , device , fixation , literary work , motion picture , phonorecord , pictorial, graphic and sculptural works , process , sound recording , and their variant forms, have the meanings set forth in section 101 of title 17. The term author includes an employer or other person for whom a work is “made for hire” under section 101 of title 17.
(3) For the purposes of this section, a copyright claimant is either:
(i) The author of a work;
(ii) A person or organization that has obtained ownership of all rights under the copyright initially belonging to the author. 1
1  This category includes a person or organization that has obtained, from the author or from an entity that has obtained ownership of all rights under the copyright initially belonging to the author, the contractual right to claim legal title to the copyright in an application for copyright registration.

So, we see here that Ms. Hovey CAN NOT claim copyright because, by her own admission, she is not the author of the work nor have ANY ownership rights been transferred to her. An open and shut case in my book and aparently in the courts eyes too.

So what does this all boil down to? Melissa Hovey, either out of spite, or out of a severe faulty understanding of the law took an innocent man to court over something she did not own and he had every right to use under the fair use law. Mr. Poling, I assume, is out a boat load of cash defending himself against a lawsuit that never should have been. I don't care what you think about Melissa Hovey, she was wrong and even a cursory examination of the law would have made that apparent. I don't know who her Attorney was but they seemingly had no clue what copyright law is or they would have advised her to never file the suit. I don't care what you think about Phil Poling, he was right, he was right from the beginning and he was right in the end, maybe some of his statements were not appropriate, and I believe that's what really what enraged Melissa, but he was spot on about copyright law from the very start.

It's no secret that Melissa is a friend of mine, it is also no secret that Phil is too. I assume after this article goes public, one of those friends may no longer wish to remain that way. My intentions are not to bash anyone but to point out FACTS. Melissa always told me she wanted the truth out there and the truth is that the photo never was hers to claim and she took an innocent man to court over a grudge. That is a sad state of affairs.

Christopher York said it best in the Facebook group The Squatchers Lounge:

 yes everyone lets just let this be and continue to be lemmings. We should never ever look at how messed up our legal system is. We should allow [Hovey] to claim copyright on whatever they want, and never question anything after the fact. Because we never ever go back through history to look at court decisions, right? Yes the court did rule and that ruling should be looked at because of what it says about the state of affairs in this community. Self righteous egos are what this community is full of. People who believe because they have been on TV or a documentary that they are justified in whatever they say or do. Now lets look at what Hovey is saying, you know besides the fact that she acts like this is a big surprise to her.... Oh yeah she just wanted the truth about the picture... BS! She wanted someone to pay for her feelings getting hurt. PERIOD! And the sad part is she wasted your taxes and tied up the courts with this ignorant waste of time lawsuit that did nothing more than force someone else to have to defend himself for something he never should have had to defend. So yeah lets just move on and be complacent and leave the community as it is. BLIND!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cryptid of the week

I am starting a new series called Cryptid of the week. Here is episode #1. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can't see the "Forest" for the trees

 Can't see the "Forest" for the trees
To discern an overall pattern from a mass of detail; to see the big picture or the broader, more general situation.(from Wictionary)

Folks, there is more to the Rick Dyer dead Bigfoot claim than meets the eye. There is a bigger picture that many are missing.

First let me start by saying that Minnow Films likely has little to do with the bigger picture. Minnow is just a means to an end. We tend to be focused on the Shooting Bigfoot film and all the claims around it. Shooting Bigfoot will most likely show a Sasquatch, real or fake, eating ribs from a tree. It may show the "persuit" of said sasquatch. I would almost be willing to bet that the film will end with a gunshot and a black screen. The footage shown will almost certainly be left up to individual interpretation, just like the tent video. If you listen closely enough you will hear how Rick really plans on cashing in on this story and it isn't from Minnow.

Rick has stated that the film Shooting Bigfoot is step one. Well what's step two? The same thing that step two would have been in 2008 if the hoax hadn't been revealed prematurely. Step two is a Bigfoot autopsy movie, Rick has mentioned such a movie on several occasions. If you remember back to the hoax of '08, the speculation was that Biscardi and Dyer were planning such a movie. They failed to do it then but Rick may not have failed this time.

So how would a Bigfoot autopsy movie make any money? While it's not guarenteed to make anything if you remember back to the Alien Autopsy hoax film it made boatloads of cash. If Rick, or whomever Rick sold his film company to, shopped this around and found a buyer, it has the potential to do the same.

Speaking of Rick selling his film company, there has been some debate as to whether or not he really did. I believe he did, or at least sold the rights to the autopsy footage and whatever was left of the tent video that has not been released. I have put a lot of thought as to exactly who he has sold it to. The facts add up to two individuals who live near St. Paul Minnesota. Rick visited St. Paul the 21st of February. Coincidently (or perhaps not) Musky Allen visited the St.Paul area on the 14th of the same month. It is my belief that Rick has sold his film company to Jim and Jon, better known as Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen. If you look at some simple facts you too may come to the same conclusion.

#1 The original black and white version tent video was uploaded under a fake name to youtube, it was later discovered that it was in fact Rick Dyer that uploaded it. To date this is the only time Rick has uploaded the tent footage on his own.
#2 Every subsequent uploading of the tent video was done by Jim and Jon. Rick may have used their uploads but they were the original uploaders. First was their analysis of the B&W clip, then their analysis of the color clip minus the sound. Most recently it was their upload of the color version with sound.
#3 The color version with sound came AFTER Rick's trip to Minnesota.
#4. FB/FB awarded Rick the 2012 Bigfoot Researcher of the Year award, a thank you perhaps?
#5 Rick's film company, Big Lion Films, allegedly had a film in production titled  Year Of Bigfoot "2013", Facebook Find Bigfoot has used the same phrase and even gotten some press by declaring 2013 The Year Of Bigfoot.
#5 And this is what leads me to believe that it was in fact Jim and Jon who bought Rick's Film company, Rick said he was in Minnesota to "sign papers" related to the alleged bigfoot.

Why would the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys want to buy this footage and how does this relate to their promise to shut down their site if this is found to be a hoax?
I believe the answer is simple. They have bigger fish to fry, they are interested in the general public and not the Bigfoot community. If their page closes down, so what. The autopsy film, if successful, will bring in more money than a simple Facebook page ever could. Jim is a marketing guy, he knows this. Rick Dyer knows this, Musky Allen knows this.
Rick mentioned something on his podcast that also struck me, he said when this is all said and done he will disappear for a while. Musky has been known to make the same claim. FB/FB shutting down would also make them disappear. Convenient? Maybe.

Take this information for what it's worth, it is just speculation on my part. Look into the story on your own and form your own conclusions.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Bigfoot Hoaxers Credo (humor)

 If there was such a thing as a credo for Bigfoot hoaxers, this would be it. Keep in mind, this is not directed at any single hoaxer but at all hoaxers in general.

The Bigfoot Hoaxers Credo

1. We believe that Bigfoot does not exist and anyone who believes in the existence of such a creature are just plain stupid.
2. We Believe we are better than everyone else because we say we are.
3. We believe that we should never be questioned and everything we say must be taken as fact no matter how ridiculous it is.
4. We believe that we must never provide any solid evidence to back up our claims.
5. We believe that those who do not blindly follow us must be labeled "haters".
6. We Believe that our personal information, such as our real names,arrest records, and previous hoaxes must NEVER be made public (even when such information is already public).
7. We believe that our "haters" personal information, such as real addresses and phone numbers MUST be made public (even when said information is not already public).
8. We believe that when our hoax is finally revealed we must claim that it is our "haters" fault and we were just teaching them a lesson.
9. We believe that we can do no wrong, are always blameless, and beyond persecution.
10. We believe that if and when we are exposed as hoaxers it won't matter because we can hoax again, and again, and again, and.....................

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shooting Bigfoot- Where's The Body?

This is the Description of the movie "Shooting Bigfoot", Notice that the description mentions NO shooting or BODY. It does however use the words cult, hoax, comic and lunacy. You would think if this film features a body of a real Sasquatch terms like science, DNA, discovery of the century would be used, but alas, nope.

Shooting Bigfoot

Tue, Apr 30 8:30 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 Buy Tickets
Wed, May 1 11:59 PM
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Fri, May 3 9:30 PM
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90 minutes | UK | English | World Premiere

“I don’t think an hour goes by in the day where I don’t think about Sasquatch,” divulges one aficionado. So begins Morgan Matthews’ rollicking foray into the obsessive, hoax-filled cult of Sasquatch. Using the in-the-trenches style of The Blair Witch Project, the film allows us to accompany the adventures of three Sasquatch search parties: socially awkward “master tracker” Ric Dyer; crotchety old guys Dallas and Wayne; and Tom Biscotti, perhaps the most devoted of the bunch, who has hunted Sasquatch unabatedly for 37 years. The teams tramp through the wooded unknown with tracking equipment and ample conviction in hand, the bipedal ape-like creature they seek seemingly just around every bend. As truth and fact tip into malarkey, nighttime hunts devolve into farcical displays of voodoo and comic stretches of the human imagination. A humorous look at perception gone off the rails, Shooting Bigfoot is a no-holds-barred plummet into folkloric lunacy. Justin Mah

Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 wrongs don't make a right

I did a post earlier on a man named Harry Pearce and his friend Elisha Wells. I have received some negative feedback on that post. In a nutshell Harry and Elisha made a false claim that they were invited by Rick Dyer to view the alleged Bigfoot body. Harry provided a photo that he claimed to be the face of the dead Bigfoot. Racer X and I quickly debunked the photo.

Harry Pearce photo               Actual photo Harry manipulated
Some have said Harry and his accomplice are just pulling a prank, a punk of Dyer and Facebook Find bigfoot if you will. They have told me and Racer X that we should have understood it was just a prank. The fact is, Harry lied. Harry had a chance to tell me what the truth was and when I questioned him about why I should believe him he lied to me. A lie is a lie. Rick Dyer may well be hoaxing us once again, I believe he is, but to make up a fake story to prove a point or to see if people will fall for it puts Harry on the same level. Harry has claimed to be a preacher of God's word and therefor holds himself to a higher standard of truth than the average Joe. Shame on you Harry and shame on those of you who think it is OK to lie just to prove a point.

First Pictures Of Rick Dyer's Dead Bigfoot?

I was made aware of the claims of a guy named Harry Allen Pearce. Harry claims that he and another gentleman, Elisha Wells, were invited to see Rick Dyer's Bigfoot body This is one of the photo's Harry and Elisha offered as proof:

 Harry explained to me that this photo was taken with his LG Android phone. Problem is that when I did a Google image search the very first image that popped up was this one:

This is a photo from this site: http://www.insanit.net/science/man-bonks-chimp-has-humanzee-baby-vows-to-prevent-all-from-ever-doing-it-again/ explaining the posibility of the Humanzee.

Racer X was kind enough to help me with side by side comparisons of the alleged Dyer bigfoot and the alleged Humanzee.

 As you can plainly see the two photos are a match.

NOTE: Rick Dyer has NEVER claimed these photos are of his alleged Bigfoot body. Although I am one of Dyer's most vocal critics I also hate hoaxes in any form. Mr. Pearce is trying to create his own hoax on the back of Rick's alleged hoax. Mr. Pearce and Mr. Wells should now be considered hoaxers and any further evidence these  men produce should be considered as such.

For a more in depth look into this story  please check out Racer X's blog here: http://bigfoottrackernews.blogspot.ca/2013/03/harry-pearce-this-is-dyers-bigfoot.html

Adam Davies And Lori Simmons Engaged To Be Married

I would like to congratulate both Adam Davies (Orang Pendek researcher) and Lori Simmons (Bigfoot researcher) on their recent engagement. Lori has posted a video on Youtube announcing the glorious occasion! Good luck Adam and Lori, and may you have many happy years together.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

After Hours With Team Tazer Jeff Meldrum Interview

It was a pleasure to interview Dr. Jeff Meldrum today with my Co-Hosts Rictor Riolo and Tammy Murray. Please enjoy part 1 of the interview below.  



Interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum

From Rictor Riolo:

Today - The Doctor is in! Dr. Jeff Meldrum is our esteemed guest on After Hours with Team Tazer. Joining Rictor and Tammy's motley crew is Team Tazer's investigastive reporter, Steve Alcorn. The recorded broadcast goes live at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST. If you have any questions for the doctor, post them here. Spread the word. Lets make this epic! We will cover the Falcon project, his new field guide http://www.paracay.com/nautical/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=11352 along with all the recent Bigfoot crap that seems to be giving everyone mental diarrhea. Hoaxers, extortionists... you all know who they are... Wookiees... yeah this will be the end all be all when it comes to this Bigfoot circus. Dr. Meldrum is our man!
PART 1 I will post the rest when it is released soon

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jim "Jeff Andersen" Larranaga, comes clean

Jim "Jeff Andersen" Larranaga, in this interview with Christopher Noel, admits his true identity. Jim also confirms that Jon Foss is indeed "Jack Barnes" and is his brother in law. Jim also puts his page Facebook Find Bigfoot on the line once again saying that if the Rick Dyer claim turns out to be a hoax they will remove the page. Jim and FB/FB is still supporting Dyer.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jim Larranaga FB/FB Guru Outs Himself

Randy (AKA Racer X) posted an interesting article about the FB/FB guys and their real identities. Now before folks go saying that this is personal information and should not be posted, hold on a second. Jim Larranaga (Jeff Andersen) has publicy stated that he indeed is a founder of Facebook Find Bigfoot. Here is a blogtalk show from Sun, November 28, 2010 where Jim is the guest and is introduced as a founder. Hmmmm..... that voice is very familiar.....

 Or listen at the original link here:

Jim Larranaga was a guest on the Redneck Herps show in 2010
Jim seems to have been interested in the strange phenomenon of weather control as well. Jim was a guest on Coast to Coast with Art Bell. This was all the way back on February 19th, 2002. Here is the link: http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/shows/2002/02/19.html

Jim's book, The Dead Farmers Almanac was on the subject of weather control.

Jim has publicly stated that he is indeed a founder of FB/FB even though he uses an alias now. So this is public information and is therefor fair game.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Punk Rock, Bluegrass and Bigfoot A Marriage Made In Heaven!

Sometimes we need to step back from the seriousness and drama of the Bigfoot community and enjoy ourselves a little. My brother sent me this video by a band called Old Man Markley. Their For Better For Worse video features our furry friend and is quite entertaining. Old Man Markley is singed to Fat Wreck Chords, a popular punk label. Who'd have thought that you could mix punk, bluegrass and sasquatch and get this sweet sound?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Did Rick Dyer Buy The Minnesota Iceman? Updated

Recently the Minnesota Iceman came up for sale on Ebay. It was sold by Ebay user Hauntedarmada allegedly for the price of $20,000. So who bought the body? Rumor has it that it was none other than Rick Dyer or someone closely connected to Mr. Dyer.

The sale ended February 20th, 2013 and it has been confirmed that Rick was in St. Paul the very next day. The timing is odd to say the least.

This is a screenshot from Rick's Facebook showing his return ticket to Las Vegas from St. Paul:

Here is the Ebay auction:

The seller listed the Iceman as being located just south of St. Paul in Cottage Lake, Minnesota.

So how does this connect to the tent video and the alleged dead Bigfoot body? We do not know that answer at this time but we are vigorously investigating and will report the facts as they become available.

If you are not familiar with the Minnesota Iceman story you can get an overview of it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Iceman

I have asked Rick about this rumor and am awaiting his response. Unless Rick confirms this story it is circumstantial at this point until we can get more information. I would like to thank my source for tipping me off on this.

UPDATE: It seems that Musky Allen was also in the area a short time before Rick was there. On February 14th Musky was in  Stillwater, MN a short distance from St. Paul. What does this mean? I do knot know. It is an interesting development though.

UPDATE: According to a post in the Facebook group Bigfoot WARZ, Musky's trip was planned well before the Iceman was put up for sale on Ebay.

UPDATE: Rick Dyer Responds:
 I have the real deal! Why buy something fake?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bigfoot Whisperer Returns! World Exclusive!

The Reverend Doctor Rob Fairless returns to Bigfooting with a new video talk show! Moments ago the good Dr. shared the following announcement on my Facebook timeline:

I want to announce to the world on your page Steve that I will be starting my own video talk show. I will be calling and talking to the biggest names throughout America about Bigfoot in full Bigfoot Whisperer Attire. I will record the show in my "Lair" deep in the woods where I have my captured Sasquatch in the Well. At the moment I do not have any guests scheduled but hopefully the word will quickly get out and I will start getting people wanting to be guests. As always I will have my co-host "Anthropology Man" (Randy) as my co-host. These shows will be available on YouTube in full HD. Tentative name "Inside The Lair Starring The Bigfoot Whisperer & Anthropology Man"

Check out the new Bigfoot whisperer videos at Rob's Alieninformation channel on Youtube.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Will The Real Musky Allen Please Stand Up?

It has been reported over on Steve Kulls blog and also by Dr. Matthew Johnson that Musky Allen's real name is Allen Issleb. I took a few minutes to see whether or not this claim is true. There is in fact an Allen Issleb that lives in Illinois. Allen is 43 years old and resides in, or at least did reside in,  Wauconda Illinois. I can't 100% say that this is in fact Musky's real name but all roads are pointing in that direction.

Musky has claimed on several occasions that he was sued by Matt Moneymaker back in the day and that as a condition of the lawsuit his website had to be shut down. Well, what does Matt have to say about this? Matt say's he only recently heard of Allen and that he has not sued anyone ever.

Musky, or Allen, or whatever your name is, it is time to stand up and prove your claims just as you have asked others to do. Prove that Matt sued you, prove that you researched with Dahinden, Prove that Rick Dyer's Bigfoot body is real.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Breaking My Silence on Rick Dyer -- Follow up

Rick claims I said that hoaxing is ok as long as you never admit to it. Never said it, never thought it, never implied it. I said Rick Dyer is an admitted hoaxer. Simple. To the point. Easy to understand.

It is never, ever ok to hoax anything ever. Is that clear enough?
Not A Real Bigfoot

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Breaking My Silence On Rick Dyer

Never Forget 2008

Rick recently met with Musky Allen, an alleged "super skeptic" and made him a "believer"
Since October I have been following this story and working diligently to come up with the facts. In this case facts are hard to come by. There are some that even Rick can't deny and the following are some of those.

Lets look at the verifiable facts of this case

Fact #1. Rick Dyer is an admitted hoaxer
Fact #2. Rick Dyer has claimed he could hoax the Bigfoot community again.
Fact #3. Musky Allen's entire online persona has never been verified by anyone.
Fact #4. Rick Dyer LIED about getting a permit to kill Bigfoot in Canada.
Fact #5 Rick Dyer and Musky Allen are the ONLY ones making claims that anyone besides Rick Dyer are involved in any of this.
Fact #6. Rick Dyer's Vice President of operations at Bigfoot Tracker LLC, D.J. Brashears (or Bashers depending on how he decides to spell it) claims he is a video analyst but his own profile on Facebook mentions NO such experience, in fact it states that he is a used car salesman and studied to be a Sous chef.
Fact #7. Minnow Films has never made any claims about this movie and so far have refused to answer any emails from anyone in the Bigfoot community.
Fact #8 Tom Biscardi is the only verified subject of the Minnow Films documentary.
Fact #9 Rick Dyer has continually stated that he is lying about certain aspects of this story just to throw us off.
Fact #10 Rick claims to have seen a Bigfoot at the same location in San Antonio in 2009 but has made several statements since that time that Bigfoot is not real, Rick only recently came out with the 2009 story.
Fact #11. Musky Allen has made several statements that Rick Dyer and hoaxes are good for the Bigfoot community.
Fact #12. Rick Dyer's "film company" Big Lion Films has a movie in production called "Year Of The Bigfoot 2013" and another called "Men In Black The Proof" I think you can see where this is going.

These are just a few of the verifiable facts. There are many more. I do not believe that Musky had been conspiring with Rick all along but I do believe that he is now. Rick believes that we are all fools but he really does not care what the Bigfoot community thinks because we are a small piece of the pie, he want's the whole pie and will stop at nothing to get it. Rick has made claims that there is no money involved until the body is sold but in early October he told me that he doesn't do anything unless money is involved and he does not care as long as he can cash the check, in fact he said he was getting money wired to him, this was what he told me when he claimed he was on his way to London to meet with TV people.

How far will Rick take this? Well if 2008 is any indication, he will take it to the farthest limit that we and the general public will allow him to. Yes, there will be a news conference, yes there will be a "body", yes there will be a scientist or doctor that "verifies" all of this and YES Rick will laugh all the way to the bank.

One last note, I saw this posted on one of the Facebook groups or forums somewhere and I apologize to the original poster because I can't seem to remember who it was but they made a statement that, to me, held a lot of truth. It went something like this: If a criminal broke into your house and then claimed to be reformed would you then let that same criminal house sit for you if they asked you?
Same goes for an admitted hoaxer.