Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jim Larranaga FB/FB Guru Outs Himself

Randy (AKA Racer X) posted an interesting article about the FB/FB guys and their real identities. Now before folks go saying that this is personal information and should not be posted, hold on a second. Jim Larranaga (Jeff Andersen) has publicy stated that he indeed is a founder of Facebook Find Bigfoot. Here is a blogtalk show from Sun, November 28, 2010 where Jim is the guest and is introduced as a founder. Hmmmm..... that voice is very familiar.....

 Or listen at the original link here:

Jim Larranaga was a guest on the Redneck Herps show in 2010
Jim seems to have been interested in the strange phenomenon of weather control as well. Jim was a guest on Coast to Coast with Art Bell. This was all the way back on February 19th, 2002. Here is the link:

Jim's book, The Dead Farmers Almanac was on the subject of weather control.

Jim has publicly stated that he is indeed a founder of FB/FB even though he uses an alias now. So this is public information and is therefor fair game.


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  2. do we need to know his wifes name?

  3. RAcerX and Skyla two of the most poisonous insects know to man.

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