Sunday, September 30, 2012

FB/FB Admin and Rick Dyer Make More Public Statements Regarding Tent Video

 This morning I sent a list of questions to an Admin over at FB/FB regarding the tent video. The Admin was kind enough to answer those questions. The answers may or may not clear up a few issues and may bring up more questions. FB/FB's stance seems to be that this video is most likely real. I also spoke to Rick Dyer on the phone and through Facebook messages last night. Rick will not publicly state that he was involved in this video. He did offer me the following challange of sorts:

Video Still ShootingSasquatch
"I will walk away from Bigfoot give you my website if I'm ever near any hoaxes"
Rick Dyer 

I told Rick I accept that Challenge and offered him one of my own. If he can prove, with out a doubt, scientifically, any of his present or future Bigfoot evidence, then I will also walk away and turn over my blog to him.

 The questions I sent to FB/FB and their answers are as follows:

Who contacted who first? Was the Tent video brought to your attention or did you just happen to find it?
Happened to find it we do a YT search every day for various terms. Saw it the day after it was posted.

Do you know the real names of those involved? I am not asking for the names just if you know them
No, just an incredible mass of speculation

 If it turns out Rick Dyer is behind this what will be FB/FB's stance?
 Well we know it is not CGI, there is a screen between the filmer and the subject so it would have to be an elaborate suit.

It also could be real, there are ten members of the tracking group and they were filming as Kulls surmised. We now know it was filmed on. 9/6 and Dyer was kicked out/resigned on the tenth. It was posted I the 13th.

We are fairly sure the YT poster had no idea what was on the video when he posted it to YT.

Was FB/FB involved in this before the video was uploaded to YouTube?

 Absolutely no involvement, we actually would have avoided it if we had known. We made our decision based upon the head being set foreward on the body. This is a trait seen in archaic human like Homo Heidelbergensis. Other traits match Patty and the Freeman film.

Lastly, we have never spoken to Dyer, we have no idea who the poster who we have been talking to is. I will say he/she adamantly and emotionally denies any hoax.
That's about all I have for now, thanks for taking the time to consider my questions.

I asked one more follow up question:
So you are pretty much confirming that Dyer was involved at some point? Also, can I use these statements publicly?
Nothing we have confirms Dyer, but possibly a member Dyer's group.

Rick Dyer Redirects Domain Names

Earlier this evening I spoke to Rick Dyer on the phone. He maintains his earlier statement that are not and will not be involved in hoaxing anything ever. Try as I may I could not get Rick to make any further public statement related to the current Tent Video fiasco.

I figured while I had him on the phone I would ask a few questions about another ongoing saga. Rick recently purchased two domain names related to Team Tazer Bigfoot. and It was discovered earlier this week that those two domains had been redirected to gay porn sites.

I asked Rick why he would do such a thing and he told me he did not do it. He stated that he had turned the passwords over to a member of Team Tazer but couldn't remember off hand who. I asked him if he still had control of the domains and he answered that he did. He agreed to redirect them back to Team Tazer's official page. As of the writing of this article he has redirected one of the sites back to Tazer's official page and the other just goes to a GoDaddy placeholder page.

I also asked Rick why he maintains control of the domains. He said he would turn over control of the domains if, and when, Damian Bravo makes a public apology to him regarding the Tim Fasano outing. It is my understanding that he believes Mr. Bravo accused him of teaming up with Fasano in order to hoax Bravo. He also said that if Bravo does not offer an apology then the domains may be purchased from him. Rick did not offer a selling price.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breaking News: Rick Dyer responds to alleged Tent Video hoax

Rick Dyer standing in front of his blue and white tent
Rick Dyer has been silent since he was alleged to have been involved in the tent video hoax. Today Rick sent me the following message via Facebook in regards to the alleged hoax.

Ricks Statement:

I'm going to be clear. will never be involved in any kind of hoaxing whatsoever. We are unable to comment at this time. Thanks...

I have asked Rick for a more in-depth statement and will update when and if that becomes available.

FB/FB public statement concerning tent video

Enhancements by Damian Bravo
 FB/FB Just released a statement about the Tent Video controversy. They also added an enhanced version of the color video. After watching the enhanced version I am convinced it's just a guy wearing sunglasses with a biker style mustache. I see many refutable points in this statement and will be looking into it further. Notice the plug for their book at the end. FB/FB still maintains this is no hoax. Where is Rick Dyer while all of this is going on? According to his Facebook page he is in Las Vegas. 

 The statement is as folows:

Here is our FBFB statement on the "Camper Films Sasquatch with Iphone"
The best loops are at 1:30 of the video.

1. FB/FB is completely independent of the video and had nothing to do with the filming of this video. We simply produced an authentication as we have 60 times before. The firestorm that was created by the Camper video is a direct result of compelling nature of the images. ( A closeup of a human-shaped ape.) We had no idea this was possibly part of an organized effort to film a Sasquatch until after we published the authentication analysis.
2. We still maintain that it completely fits with the morphology of a Sasquatch. Large Nocturnal eyes, Heavy Brow Ridge with a cranial keel sloping backward not upward into a coned head, Hooded Nose, Long upper lip, Incredibly long spineous processes on the spine (leading to thick neck, high shoulders and consistent Auburn coloring and behavior.
3. We have no idea who took the video, although we have received maybe 50 emails, some with very interesting and some with possible confidential information. We now know it was actually filmed on Sept. 6 2012, posted on September 13th we confirmed it on September 14th when it had less than 10 views.
4. As to Steve Kulls, we like him and have appeared on his radio show. He may be correct with the group and location of the video (we don't know) but that does not mean this video is fake or a hoax.
5. The debate over Sasquatch is decades old with sides deeply entrenched. Skeptics refute everything and many researchers want "their" footage or casts or sounds to be the evidence and work against others. We know through personal experience that Sasquatch are real and it is just a matter of time before they are acknowledged.
6. Was it a hoax? Using common sense we believe it is improbable, Why would anyone produce a crappy 29 second video of the most fantastic anatomically correct suit only to film for the last 1.2 seconds... through a tent... sideways.... and then upload it without actually knowing how to even rotate the video.
7. FB/FB's mission is to curate and publish any data on the subject of the Big Fella. On September 10th we were planning on publishing a thermal that is better than this video, but there are co-owners of that video and both have to agree on release. The reason we published this video so soon was because of the frustration over the non-release. Had we any idea the firestorm this video would create.
8. Lastly the explanation of why Sasquatch exist in Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Ontario and the PNW is far more important than any video. The Patterson Gimlin film should have been all that was necessary, unfortunately it does not fit with the out of africa theory of human development. We have attempted to explain why it is not just possible but there it is essential that there is a human-shaped ape that is strategically smarter throughout the USA. Hence why we published the book "YOU ARE A SASQUATCH" .

Friday, September 28, 2012

Did Rick Dyer Hoax FB/FB?

 As you may know, Facebook Find Bigfoot recently released a video this week with much hype and buildup. The video was in black and white and was filmed from the inside of a tent. The video allegedly showed a Sasquatch next to a tree. Almost immediately it was dismissed by a hoax by many but there were still many believers. Yesterday the original up-loader, ShootingSasquatch uploaded a color version of the same film. This is when it all started coming together.

I arrived home from work yesterday just as the video was being uploaded to Youtube. When I saw it I immediatly thought I knew who was behind it. There is no sound in the video but the text spoke volumes.

It read:

Over four years after the 2008 Sasquatch in a box hoax
Mr Kulls hasn't owned up to his part & deniability
seems to be his protocol. "Along with riding coattails"
What makes a good investigator?
Patience, persistence, integrity,
ethical, honesty and ability to wait for all evidence to present itself!

When I first read that I immediately thought about Rick Dyer. Rick likes to bring up the 2008 hoax. The statement "Along with riding coattails" is what sealed it for me. Who would say that about Steve Kulls? Rick Dyer, that's who.

I remembered that Rick had uploaded a short clip to YouTube. It was from San Antonio and it was him filming from inside his tent. I looked for the video on his channel but it was set too private. I did a Google search and found a screen capture of the video. Lo and behold, a blue and white tent, just like the one in the color version of the tent video. 

I notified a few people about what I had discovered in including Shawn Evidence. Shawn called Steve Kulls and spoke with Carl Olinselot. I was away from the computer for a while but Carl got right on it and was able to put the pictures together. Later in the evening I spoke with Steve Kulls. Steve and I seemed to be pretty comfortable with the evidence.

Although the evidence is largely circumstantial it all seems to add up. Rick announced that he was no longer going to be negative. Right after that statement he announced that he was turning operations over to an unnamed person and that a big announcement was forthcoming. Then suddenly all of Rick's YouTube videos diapered.

Right around the same time the website was registered. The black and white version was uploaded. There was mention of a big announcement and press conference. The color version appears yesterday calling out Steve Kulls. 

After all of this came out last night, the color video was removed from YouTube. At the same time most of Rick's videos became public again. The timing of that seems to be odd to say the least.

Is it all a coincidence? I don't think so, but even if Rick was not involved, this video and all the hype is all a big lead-up to something else. A giant hoax? Most likely. A documentary film? Could be. Whatever it is, it is a black eye on FB/FB and those who push this kind of nonsense. 

On another note, Rick had purchased two domain names. and One of them was a mirror of, Ricks website. The other was a site making fun of Team Tazer. When he announced he was going positive he redirected the sites to, Team Tazer Bigfoot's official page. Yesterday it was discovered that Rick had redirected both sites to gay porn sites. So much for Rick being positive.

After repeated attempts by myself and others, Rick was unable to be reached for comment regarding this issue. FB/FB has made no public statement as of yet.
Thanks to all those involved in uncovering this hoax. 

The color version of the tent video Copyright 2012,

Carl Olinselot's photo compilation

 Credit goes to these folks, go check them out.
Team BIG Carl's Facebook group Steve Kull's website
 Bigfoot Evidence