Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rick Dyer Redirects Domain Names

Earlier this evening I spoke to Rick Dyer on the phone. He maintains his earlier statement that are not and will not be involved in hoaxing anything ever. Try as I may I could not get Rick to make any further public statement related to the current Tent Video fiasco.

I figured while I had him on the phone I would ask a few questions about another ongoing saga. Rick recently purchased two domain names related to Team Tazer Bigfoot. and It was discovered earlier this week that those two domains had been redirected to gay porn sites.

I asked Rick why he would do such a thing and he told me he did not do it. He stated that he had turned the passwords over to a member of Team Tazer but couldn't remember off hand who. I asked him if he still had control of the domains and he answered that he did. He agreed to redirect them back to Team Tazer's official page. As of the writing of this article he has redirected one of the sites back to Tazer's official page and the other just goes to a GoDaddy placeholder page.

I also asked Rick why he maintains control of the domains. He said he would turn over control of the domains if, and when, Damian Bravo makes a public apology to him regarding the Tim Fasano outing. It is my understanding that he believes Mr. Bravo accused him of teaming up with Fasano in order to hoax Bravo. He also said that if Bravo does not offer an apology then the domains may be purchased from him. Rick did not offer a selling price.

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