Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rick Dyer speaks about Justin Smeja, Team Tazer , Shawn Evidence and his Tracker truck

Tim, a reader of my Blog and a Facebook friend of mine asked me to see if I could ask Rick Dyer a few short questions. Since I believe in going straight to the source I decided to message Rick through Facebook. Rick responded the next day in his typical fashion, he has also posted a video of his responses to my questions.

The first question I had for him was about the sighting of his Bigfoot Tracker SUV at a car lot in Antlers, Oklahoma. I asked :

Shawn reported that your Bigfoot tracker truck was seen at a car lot in Oklahoma, is it really for sale there? If not why is it there?

Rick responded by saying:

I have had many Bigfoot tracking trucks. I sold a wrecked one on eBay a Mercedes Ml sun 4X4. In Ok.I have 6 trucks 1 rv diesel pusher and 2 pull trailers now. 

Past trucks that I have sold are
2004 Volvo cross country fire damage
2000 Mercedes ml wrecked.

I then asked him about the Lie Detector tests that he claims to have purchased. Some folks were confused and asked me to clear up whether he bought these to do an interview with Justin Smeja. Rick says that they have nothing to do with Justin at all. The question for Rick was:

A reader of my blog requested that I ask you about the lie detector. He wanted to know if Justin agreed to take the test. 

To which Rick responds:

Justin is a nobody..just listen to his 1st interview with skulls lie detector needed....get real.
I never offered him to take a test. I do have one now..but not for him..

Finaly, Rick claims to have spoken to a member of Justin’s family and that the result of that conversation is that Justin is lying. Justin claims that Dyer has never spoken to any member of his family. The question was asked like this:

Justin also claims you are lying when you say you talked to his family. Whats your response to that?

Rick says:

I did talk with a member of hIs family. After skulls interview. (Editors note: I believe he is referring to the Kulls interview)

Mr. Dyer decided to add this tidbit about Team Tazer and Shawn Evidence, I did not ask him about this.

Shawn is in with tazer Bigfoot and Justin... he picks what he puts on ..nothing to make them look bad

Rick Dyer can be found on Youtude under the username RDYER678. Rick's website is

This is the Steve Kulls interview Dyer is refering to.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Justin Smeja answers a few more questions

After watching Ro Sahebi’s interview with Justin Smeja (I killed Bigfoot-an interview with Justin Smeja) I had a few questions. Mr. Smeja was kind enough to answer my questions. I didn’t want to ask the same things that were already addressed by Justin, but wanted to fill in a few of the details that I thought were important to help understand the story better. This is by no means groundbreaking but I hope that it helps in the debate. Whether or not you believe the story, it is very intriguing. These questions are exactly the way I asked them and Justin's responses are the exact way he answered them. Ro's interview is posted at the end of this article. If you have not seen it please watch.

(Sasquatch Scoop) I read all 57 pages of your original thread on, in the first post that you mention the shootings you refer to the creature as an odd looking bear. Why was that?

(Justin) i really wasnt sure what the reaction would be when i said hey guys i shot a bigfoot i was more easing into it. ''i shot a bf'' sounds pretty retarted when you say it outloud. i was with a friend and he introduced me to his extended family as a guy who shot two of them last year. i couldnt keep a straight face i was more or less simply embarrassed.

(Sasquatch Scoop) In Ro Sahebi's interview with you , you said that after you shot the young one that your buddy came down over the hill. Did you know his location before shooting the young one? I ask this because hunters usualy are aware of the location of their hunting partners before shooting.

(Justin) yes I knew aprox other hunters location and had a very safe background.

(Sasquatch Scoop) . What was the sex of the young one? I don't believe this has been discussed before.

(Justin) For whatever reason I've been asked not to discuss that part of it. something about an nda.

(Sasquatch Scoop) At first, I believe, it was said that the adult was female and now it is said that the adult is male. What made you think it was female? Does the DNA prove it is male?

(Justin) same

(Sasquatch Scoop) I heard somewhere that you saw a Game warden just before the shooting, is that true?

(Justin) Not just before the shooting early in the day. theres one way in and another way out. that area is notorious for having road blocks and check points and wardens checking people at the entrances.

(Sasquatch Scoop) Why would you openly discuss something that could potentialy land you in jail or get you a big fine if proven true?

(Justin)  I’m not worried about it. after all i made a few efforts to work with dfg on this and they have declined to get ved

(Sasquatch Scoop) Have you been contacted by any authorities? (Police, Fish and Game, or others). I've discussed it with wardens and the sheriffs office.

(Justin) dfg made a visit to my house. they simply have no interest in this.

(Sasquatch Scoop) Are you under any type of gag order or any non disclosure agreement from the ketchum study? more or less.

 (Justin) i signed an nda that said i couldnt discuss results but i've been giving none to discuss so we are all safe there.

(Sasquatch Scoop) Mr. Sahebi and you were drinking during the interview, did that have any influance on what you said?

(Justin) most everybody will say more when they've had some courage juice. i've tried to be as honest as possible when i talk about what happened i have told the story so many times i have no attachment emotionally to anything that happened, i'm num to it and I think most anybody would be when they have talked about something over and over again.

(Sasquatch Scoop) How do you explain the diffrence in apperance between the adult and young one? Has this been explained by the DNA people or any one else?

(Justin) Thats one of my main problems with my story. i try to look at it objectively often so i can see what others are hearing when they are listening to me talk or write. that i simply have no answer for. i'm as puzzled as anyone on that account. hopefully soon i can make some time in my schedule to converse with the artist who did those and we can work on some more sketches.

(Sasquatch Scoop) Do you have anything to add that you have not said before?

(Justin) Justin did not answer this question.

Please visit Ro's webpage, you can also find him on Youtube at thebigfootreport. every Sunday night Ro, along with Michael Merchant (SnowWalkerPrime), Shawn Evidence, Damion Bravo and other members of Team Tazer Bigfoot, can be heard on Extinct? the podcast begining at 6pm Eastern.

Monday, July 9, 2012

AlienInformation and Rob Fairless are the same - PROOF

This is a follow up to our previous post about Rob Fairless. Sometimes when we investigate something we forget the most obvious sources. It occured to me that alot of folks have Facebook accounts. Mr. Fairless is no exception. One thing alot of folks do is post every little thing they ever do on Facebook, while I can't say that Rob does that, I can say that he does post things that can be used to substaniate the claims I made in my previous post. If you recall, I reported that it seemed that the Youtube channel AlienInformation and Mr. Fairless were one in the same. Upon checking out his Facebook page I found this post:

Mr. Fairless did see my article and says I only speculated about my findings. He is right, the article was mostly speculation. The facts were pointing in the right direction but I did not have any solid proof, that is until I found this post, also on his timeline:

So my facts were right and no longer speculation. The post backs up every claim I made in my original article. With this piece of evidence it only opens up more questions like why would he mislead folks into believing that he and AlienInformation were seperate entities? Why would he originaly say that a film student uploaded the vocalizations and then claim he did? Perhaps he believes this adds to his credibility although I believe it has an opposite effect. So what is Mr. Fairless's motivation? It can be summed up best by him in the following post:

Or maybe in this post:

My intention here is not to bash Rob. He may well be an expert tracker. My only intention is to bring out the facts. On another blog I issued Mr. Fairless a chalange, bring forth one well respected researcher who can back his claims. If he has really been doing this for 23 years and is world renowned as he claims it shouldn't be very hard to do that.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Who is The Bigfoot Whisperer: Rob Fairless

Recently the Youtube channel ALIENINFORMATION uploaded a video of Bigfoot vocalizations allegedly recorded by a film student. After about a week ALIENINFORMATION stated on their video that they were lied to and the recording actually belonged to Rob Fairless. Upon releasing this information they made amends to Mr. Fairless by making them their Bigfoot investigator. Rob now goes by the moniker “The Bigfoot Whisperer”. Rob claims to have over 23 years in the field of Bigfoot research and calls himself  a Master Bigfoot Tracker  (reminds me of Rick Dyer’s claims). All of this got us here at SasquatchScoop thinking, just who is Rob Fairless and how did he become The Bigfoot Whisperer?

At SasquatchScoop we always start out by looking into the background information on the subject of our articles. A quick Google search usually is a good starting point. If you type in “Rob Fairless” in Google the first bit of information you find is that he is a musician. Rob and his cousin Randy Ashby have a band called  2 Nervous Guys, they are a country band and their stuff is pretty good. Next we find that Rob is from the small town of Karnak, Illinois. Karnak is a small town and as of the 2000 census had less than 700 residents. Rob has his own Youtube channel, ROBFAIRLESS. Most of what is uploaded to his channel is his musical related stuff but he and Randy have a couple of paranormal videos uploaded as well.
Deeper searches on Rob prove to be more interesting. Rob once called himself “The Unofficial Mayor Of Karnak”. He would upload videos to his Youtube channel that were fake news stories from his town. Some of those stories were pretty interesting and funny. Rob also has a FaceBook page known as The Unofficial Mayor Of Karnak although it doesn’t seem to be updated any more, nor does he seem to be uploading those type of videos to his channel and all the previous videos have been removed.

What we couldn’t understand is how ALIENINFORMATION decides to make Rob their Bigfoot researcher after a simple mistake of giving credit to the wrong person for the recording. A closer look at the ALIENINFORMATION channel provided a clue. Most of the videos on that channel just happen to be from southern Illinois, and even more odd is that a lot of those videos are from Karnak. So, Rob is from Karnak and ALIENINFORMATION reports on events from the same area. It is my contention that ALIENINFORMATION and Rob Fairless are one in the same, or at the very least, it is run by his cousin Randy, or a friend or another family member. To further corroborate this claim I looked even closer at Rob’s channel and the  ALIENINFORMATION channel. ALIENINFORMATION uploaded the video of the vocalizations less than 2 weeks ago. The claim that it belonged to Rob and not a film student came about 1 week ago. Rob had subscribed to ALIENINFORMATION’s channel about 1 month ago. In other words, Rob was a subscriber to the channel well before the video was uploaded, in fact he was one of the very first subscribers if not the first. In addition to that he had made comments on some of the uploaded videos. Here is his comment on the oldest video on their channel:
This is the most original ufo channel in the world. REAL OR FAKE IT DON'T MATTER. THIS CHANNEL IS AWESOME robfairless 1 month ago.
Rob went on to make the same statement on other videos as well.

One more look at Rob’s own channel shows that his paranormal videos are not what they appear to be. Rob seems to be poking fun at those who do this type of research. He has a cheap old tape recorder in which to capture EVP’s. At one point the claims that a demon is saying “Peanut Butter” and another point something about a garage door, all the while chuckling and laughing.
In conclusion, it appears that Rob is not a Bigfoot researcher at all, he is nothing more than a satirist. He is out to make fun and nothing more. We are not (at this point) calling him a hoaxer, but we we are passing along this information to those who may consider taking this guy seriously.