Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Justin Smeja answers a few more questions

After watching Ro Sahebi’s interview with Justin Smeja (I killed Bigfoot-an interview with Justin Smeja) I had a few questions. Mr. Smeja was kind enough to answer my questions. I didn’t want to ask the same things that were already addressed by Justin, but wanted to fill in a few of the details that I thought were important to help understand the story better. This is by no means groundbreaking but I hope that it helps in the debate. Whether or not you believe the story, it is very intriguing. These questions are exactly the way I asked them and Justin's responses are the exact way he answered them. Ro's interview is posted at the end of this article. If you have not seen it please watch.

(Sasquatch Scoop) I read all 57 pages of your original thread on, in the first post that you mention the shootings you refer to the creature as an odd looking bear. Why was that?

(Justin) i really wasnt sure what the reaction would be when i said hey guys i shot a bigfoot i was more easing into it. ''i shot a bf'' sounds pretty retarted when you say it outloud. i was with a friend and he introduced me to his extended family as a guy who shot two of them last year. i couldnt keep a straight face i was more or less simply embarrassed.

(Sasquatch Scoop) In Ro Sahebi's interview with you , you said that after you shot the young one that your buddy came down over the hill. Did you know his location before shooting the young one? I ask this because hunters usualy are aware of the location of their hunting partners before shooting.

(Justin) yes I knew aprox other hunters location and had a very safe background.

(Sasquatch Scoop) . What was the sex of the young one? I don't believe this has been discussed before.

(Justin) For whatever reason I've been asked not to discuss that part of it. something about an nda.

(Sasquatch Scoop) At first, I believe, it was said that the adult was female and now it is said that the adult is male. What made you think it was female? Does the DNA prove it is male?

(Justin) same

(Sasquatch Scoop) I heard somewhere that you saw a Game warden just before the shooting, is that true?

(Justin) Not just before the shooting early in the day. theres one way in and another way out. that area is notorious for having road blocks and check points and wardens checking people at the entrances.

(Sasquatch Scoop) Why would you openly discuss something that could potentialy land you in jail or get you a big fine if proven true?

(Justin)  I’m not worried about it. after all i made a few efforts to work with dfg on this and they have declined to get ved

(Sasquatch Scoop) Have you been contacted by any authorities? (Police, Fish and Game, or others). I've discussed it with wardens and the sheriffs office.

(Justin) dfg made a visit to my house. they simply have no interest in this.

(Sasquatch Scoop) Are you under any type of gag order or any non disclosure agreement from the ketchum study? more or less.

 (Justin) i signed an nda that said i couldnt discuss results but i've been giving none to discuss so we are all safe there.

(Sasquatch Scoop) Mr. Sahebi and you were drinking during the interview, did that have any influance on what you said?

(Justin) most everybody will say more when they've had some courage juice. i've tried to be as honest as possible when i talk about what happened i have told the story so many times i have no attachment emotionally to anything that happened, i'm num to it and I think most anybody would be when they have talked about something over and over again.

(Sasquatch Scoop) How do you explain the diffrence in apperance between the adult and young one? Has this been explained by the DNA people or any one else?

(Justin) Thats one of my main problems with my story. i try to look at it objectively often so i can see what others are hearing when they are listening to me talk or write. that i simply have no answer for. i'm as puzzled as anyone on that account. hopefully soon i can make some time in my schedule to converse with the artist who did those and we can work on some more sketches.

(Sasquatch Scoop) Do you have anything to add that you have not said before?

(Justin) Justin did not answer this question.

Please visit Ro's webpage, you can also find him on Youtube at thebigfootreport. every Sunday night Ro, along with Michael Merchant (SnowWalkerPrime), Shawn Evidence, Damion Bravo and other members of Team Tazer Bigfoot, can be heard on Extinct? the podcast begining at 6pm Eastern.


  1. awesome interview steve. great questions.

  2. If Justin Smeja looks this good at age 26 just think how good he will look at 36.....just sayin

  3. anon..who cares what he look like?!?! r u attracted 2 him dude??

  4. he isnt the complete redneck i initially took him to be...a wee bit ignorant and uneducated in ethics and morality and the condition of human nature in regards to how it relates and interacts with other creatures buuut...for real thats like 99%of people anyways, but seems like a decent enough guy...he totally should have wrappped it upand took it back home...or just you know...not shot it

    1. Justin may not be the most erudite, or eloquent of speakers, but he's actually pretty sharp, and has good insite into other people. If he was less sharp, he would have continued to allow himself to be led along by Ketchum and others. He was astute on many things, right from the start.

  5. I wish someone would ask him to elaborate on the part where he said, "and a bunch of other stuff happened"... right after the baby died and the driver showed up and saw him holding it and said , "Really dude?" Wonder what "other stuff" happened? Did JS get emotional, did the other little one show up and cuss him out? WHAT STUFF?

    1. I believe Justin glosses over that part due to the explicit nature of some of the language that was used, and the graphic nature of that death. Nothing else "happened" per se, so far as I know, but he is sparing you some unpleasantness.

  6. You have to be a retard to believe this man

    1. you have to be a retard to assert that you have to be a retard to believe him, if you have never spoken with him yourself, or visited the site where this happened, or seen the tissue that was recovered. If you are so disdainful of the story, go elsewhere - don't read it, move on, quit wasting your time reading something you think is stupid, and quit wasting time commenting on it. Find some friends, have a beer, enjoy your life.

  7. I think we need to ask Justin a few questions about his claim of being an Alaskan guide. Maybe have him explain how it is possible to kill 300 deer in a ten year time frame. In short, while he seems like a *nice* guy, and comes across as intelligent and articulate, the details of his story, his claims, do not add up. SWP

  8. I see this interview was a few months ago, but I have a question regarding a couple of his answers. He claimed that he was under a NDA when you asked the sex of the young one he shot, then again regarding the confusion over the sex of the adult. Yet a few sentences later he claims the only "gag order" he is under has to do with discussing the results of the DNA study and since he has been given no results there is no issue. So which is it? Did I miss something?

  9. if his story is true, my gut tells me he has the infants body but is waiting for the dna results before he goes public with it. i also believe he found the adult too but left it and just took a chunk of flesh from it cause it was too heavy. why would he just leave the infant there when he has the chance to be the man who exposes bigfoot?

  10. There are things in the viral interview that don't add up to me. He initially describes the adult as a man in a bear suit and a monster and "This thing needs to die. This ain't right this should not be here." Much later in the interview he contradicts himself after killing the little one or child of the adult he shot as being "Very very human. Like a distant cousin. Ain't that different."

    Prior to killing the child creature he mentions, "If we go home and tell somebody, never gonna believe us. We'll just take one of these home." If you are that far into this situation to realize that and go ahead and shoot the child I have a difficult time understanding why you would leave something that easy to pack out and instead take the time to cover it up and than leave the rationale for initially killing it behind. He gives us the sense he is afraid of detection and mentions how other hunters are always in close proximity and possibly even fish and game authorities, yet, takes a fair amount of time looking for the adult and than decides to take another shot to kill the child and rather than pack it out quickly, opts instead to take the time to cover it up.

    I also find it strange that his hunting buddy and him leave the scene with no conversation after what they just experienced. They decide to stop to buy a package of cigarettes after having quit for six months though opt to smoke instead of talk. Further to this, when Smeja arrives home after what he experienced, he has no problem going to bed rather than discuss what he has experienced with his wife. In the interview he mentions he feels the need to talk to someone about this after the killings. Choosing a website to speak on it rather than I would suspect the person that is usually most closest to you, your spouse.

    I understand that he has allegedly passed a number of polygraphs and DNA evidence awaits, has respected people in his corner, but his behavior and rationale throughout his telling of the tale does not add up and in this Big Foot believers humble opinion points more towards an elaborate hoax. Sure would love to be proven wrong.

  11. Anyone that associates with this guy is just one step above Dick Ryder. It turned out to be bear meat anyhow. If he did kill 2 he should be given even less respect. That's the problem I have with Tazer is that they are backing this guy. Sad!

  12. I'm sorry but I think he is sounding very much like a sociopath to me. I've been hunting most my life and always feel some remorse when killing any animal.He probably hasn't ever had that feeling and doesn't have a clue what the deal is with people having strong feelings about what he has done, if indeed he hasn't made all this up. I don't believe he came back without anything and probably stashed the little one and came back shortly after he felt safe fish and game where not around. The secrecy is he has proof and will probably try to cash in on this any way he can.

  13. Justin said he shot the bigfoot because there was monster in the woods. The only monster in the woods at that time was Justin. Gee what is that I don't no I guess all KILL IT and ask question later. What a ass. scary