Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rick Dyer speaks about Justin Smeja, Team Tazer , Shawn Evidence and his Tracker truck

Tim, a reader of my Blog and a Facebook friend of mine asked me to see if I could ask Rick Dyer a few short questions. Since I believe in going straight to the source I decided to message Rick through Facebook. Rick responded the next day in his typical fashion, he has also posted a video of his responses to my questions.

The first question I had for him was about the sighting of his Bigfoot Tracker SUV at a car lot in Antlers, Oklahoma. I asked :

Shawn reported that your Bigfoot tracker truck was seen at a car lot in Oklahoma, is it really for sale there? If not why is it there?

Rick responded by saying:

I have had many Bigfoot tracking trucks. I sold a wrecked one on eBay a Mercedes Ml sun 4X4. In Ok.I have 6 trucks 1 rv diesel pusher and 2 pull trailers now. 

Past trucks that I have sold are
2004 Volvo cross country fire damage
2000 Mercedes ml wrecked.

I then asked him about the Lie Detector tests that he claims to have purchased. Some folks were confused and asked me to clear up whether he bought these to do an interview with Justin Smeja. Rick says that they have nothing to do with Justin at all. The question for Rick was:

A reader of my blog requested that I ask you about the lie detector. He wanted to know if Justin agreed to take the test. 

To which Rick responds:

Justin is a nobody..just listen to his 1st interview with skulls lie detector needed....get real.
I never offered him to take a test. I do have one now..but not for him..

Finaly, Rick claims to have spoken to a member of Justin’s family and that the result of that conversation is that Justin is lying. Justin claims that Dyer has never spoken to any member of his family. The question was asked like this:

Justin also claims you are lying when you say you talked to his family. Whats your response to that?

Rick says:

I did talk with a member of hIs family. After skulls interview. (Editors note: I believe he is referring to the Kulls interview)

Mr. Dyer decided to add this tidbit about Team Tazer and Shawn Evidence, I did not ask him about this.

Shawn is in with tazer Bigfoot and Justin... he picks what he puts on ..nothing to make them look bad

Rick Dyer can be found on Youtude under the username RDYER678. Rick's website is

This is the Steve Kulls interview Dyer is refering to.


  1. nice, time to get you some hits now

    1. Tim, you know I dont give a rat's behind about hits. I just like to find out the facts and share what I find. It may be interesting to some folks and may not be to others. I do have to give you some credit, it was you who asked me to do this article.

  2. I enjoyed seeing my pics spread around the BF network. I loaded to my FB and. Shared to Bill G. And off it planned. LOL

  3. Rick Dyer is an idiodic, inarticulate hick who went on CNN with known hoaxer Tom Biscardi, telling the world that he had seen and killed a Bigfoot in North GA. The entire world saw that Dyer, his partner Matthew Whitton and Biscardi were full of it. Period. End of discussion. What an idiot. Why would ANYONE even consider listening to a single word from Rick Dyer? Why does Dyer have even one second of his opinions posted or broadcasts from anywhere?