Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Robert Fairless, The Bigfoot Whisperer - A Change Of Heart

I pride myself on reporting the facts. Factual evidence is the most important thing in proving the existence of Bigfoot or any other cryptid. Sometimes there is more to the story than just the facts. I recently published two articles on Robert Fairless, The Bigfoot Whisperer. Those articles were strictly based on the facts.  I neglected to look into the man himself. I have now spoken with Rob on a few occasions and have had a revelation! Rob is a good guy, he is out to have a little fun and that’s it. My facts pointed in the direction of a possible hoaxer, a guy making a mockery of real researchers, or someone out to simply gain fame. None of those things seem to really be the case. Rob wants to be taken seriously just like any other researcher but he also wants to have a little fun doing so, I see no problem with that.
Tim Mitchell with his "Spirit Stick"

Dr. Fairless, (his title is actually Rev. Dr.) is one of the nicest guys in Bigfoot research today. He took time out of his schedule to make one of his famous “Bigfoot Spirit Sticks” for a Facebook user and Ohio Bigfoot Hunter, Tim Mitchell, and even paid the shipping. No charge to the recipient. Who does that in today’s economy? Rob has offered to make a spirit stick for anyone who asks.

Rob’s videos are just what we need in the sometimes stuffy world of Bigfoot research. We need someone who pokes a little fun at our methods and the sometimes ridiculous stuff that people claim as evidence. There is defiantly a place for a guy like this in the Bigfoot community. Dr. Fairless provides us with an escape from all the drama and infighting that goes on.

Many in the Bigfoot community looked at Fairless with a critical eye at first, myself included. The trend is changing. Rob has picked up many new supporters, some of which were very critical at the start. Once those folks “got the joke” it all became clear. We all laughed at the South Park parody of Finding Bigfoot (except for maybe Bobo) and we can all laugh along with Rob as well. I, for one, have become a huge fan.

Rob also does some serious research. Take a look at his video of Zack and his mother, they are real witnesses telling a real story. Rob promises to follow up with these witnesses.

Just one last note: Dr. Fairless, I realize that you and I got off on the wrong foot. I have at least in some way soiled your reputation. I apologize for that. What ever it takes to help remedy that in the future is what I will do. You have picked up at least one new fan and I hope that there are many more to come. Some still “have an eye on you” but I believe you will win them over as well.

The Bigfoot Whisperer videos can be found on Youtube under AlienInformation. Rob’s blog can be found at

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