Monday, August 13, 2012

Rob Fairless Announcement: No More Whisperer Videos

It is with a heavy heart that I must report the following story. This message was posted today in The Bigfoot Whisperer Fan Page on Facebook from Rob Fairless:

Rob Fairless
I would like to announce that there will not be ANY more Bigfoot Whisperer videos ever again. So you can delete this page or whatever. I appreciate everyone who was nice to me and enjoyed my videos. I have a family you see. When people start talking about my family I take that SERIOUSLY. So to the cowards who do that, you won this time. I will continue to focus on my weekly radio show and learn to get better with that but thats it. Thanks again.

It is one thing to criticize someone when you don't agree with them, but it is going to far when you drag that person's family through the mud. As the Administrator for the fan page I will do as Rob wishes. I have sent him a message and asked him what he wishes to do from here. Rob, I wish you the best of luck with your radio show and whatever else you do in the future.
Rob's show can be found here: What's Up Bigfoot
UPDATE: The Bigfoot Whisperer Fan Page will officially cease to exist as of midnight 08/13/2012

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  1. rob why are stopping that's what them idiot want us to do we all get trash from them fools there all mouth and no do tell them to kiss your ass and get on with it dont let the fools own you aint nobody going do nothing we all stand against idiots