Friday, September 28, 2012

Did Rick Dyer Hoax FB/FB?

 As you may know, Facebook Find Bigfoot recently released a video this week with much hype and buildup. The video was in black and white and was filmed from the inside of a tent. The video allegedly showed a Sasquatch next to a tree. Almost immediately it was dismissed by a hoax by many but there were still many believers. Yesterday the original up-loader, ShootingSasquatch uploaded a color version of the same film. This is when it all started coming together.

I arrived home from work yesterday just as the video was being uploaded to Youtube. When I saw it I immediatly thought I knew who was behind it. There is no sound in the video but the text spoke volumes.

It read:

Over four years after the 2008 Sasquatch in a box hoax
Mr Kulls hasn't owned up to his part & deniability
seems to be his protocol. "Along with riding coattails"
What makes a good investigator?
Patience, persistence, integrity,
ethical, honesty and ability to wait for all evidence to present itself!

When I first read that I immediately thought about Rick Dyer. Rick likes to bring up the 2008 hoax. The statement "Along with riding coattails" is what sealed it for me. Who would say that about Steve Kulls? Rick Dyer, that's who.

I remembered that Rick had uploaded a short clip to YouTube. It was from San Antonio and it was him filming from inside his tent. I looked for the video on his channel but it was set too private. I did a Google search and found a screen capture of the video. Lo and behold, a blue and white tent, just like the one in the color version of the tent video. 

I notified a few people about what I had discovered in including Shawn Evidence. Shawn called Steve Kulls and spoke with Carl Olinselot. I was away from the computer for a while but Carl got right on it and was able to put the pictures together. Later in the evening I spoke with Steve Kulls. Steve and I seemed to be pretty comfortable with the evidence.

Although the evidence is largely circumstantial it all seems to add up. Rick announced that he was no longer going to be negative. Right after that statement he announced that he was turning operations over to an unnamed person and that a big announcement was forthcoming. Then suddenly all of Rick's YouTube videos diapered.

Right around the same time the website was registered. The black and white version was uploaded. There was mention of a big announcement and press conference. The color version appears yesterday calling out Steve Kulls. 

After all of this came out last night, the color video was removed from YouTube. At the same time most of Rick's videos became public again. The timing of that seems to be odd to say the least.

Is it all a coincidence? I don't think so, but even if Rick was not involved, this video and all the hype is all a big lead-up to something else. A giant hoax? Most likely. A documentary film? Could be. Whatever it is, it is a black eye on FB/FB and those who push this kind of nonsense. 

On another note, Rick had purchased two domain names. and One of them was a mirror of, Ricks website. The other was a site making fun of Team Tazer. When he announced he was going positive he redirected the sites to, Team Tazer Bigfoot's official page. Yesterday it was discovered that Rick had redirected both sites to gay porn sites. So much for Rick being positive.

After repeated attempts by myself and others, Rick was unable to be reached for comment regarding this issue. FB/FB has made no public statement as of yet.
Thanks to all those involved in uncovering this hoax. 

The color version of the tent video Copyright 2012,

Carl Olinselot's photo compilation

 Credit goes to these folks, go check them out.
Team BIG Carl's Facebook group Steve Kull's website
 Bigfoot Evidence


  1. Fb/Fb hasn't been duped. I think they know it's a hoax they just just verify anything for video hits.

  2. As far as Rick Dyer being 'positive' let's just say that no, far from it. I had the gall to post a youtube link to his arrest for Ebay charges, that bought me an entire webpage of a falsified prostitution record. I spent the afternoon in defending my character to who of all people? Musky Allen. I smell a rat, and not a dead squatch, that's for sure.

  3. So I have a question (rhetorical)...the only thing keeping this Rick guy going is the fact that he keeps getting the attention of the BF community, if you will. Ignore him and he will go away. He obviously has no credibility, no professional experience or education to even be any shred of an authority. He juvenile and has latent psychological issues. Don't try to contact him or solicit any input from him. Nothing of value comes from him so why do you keep going back...that well is dry.

  4. I have read and read about this.... thought everyone came to the conclusion that its a hoax