Sunday, September 30, 2012

FB/FB Admin and Rick Dyer Make More Public Statements Regarding Tent Video

 This morning I sent a list of questions to an Admin over at FB/FB regarding the tent video. The Admin was kind enough to answer those questions. The answers may or may not clear up a few issues and may bring up more questions. FB/FB's stance seems to be that this video is most likely real. I also spoke to Rick Dyer on the phone and through Facebook messages last night. Rick will not publicly state that he was involved in this video. He did offer me the following challange of sorts:

Video Still ShootingSasquatch
"I will walk away from Bigfoot give you my website if I'm ever near any hoaxes"
Rick Dyer 

I told Rick I accept that Challenge and offered him one of my own. If he can prove, with out a doubt, scientifically, any of his present or future Bigfoot evidence, then I will also walk away and turn over my blog to him.

 The questions I sent to FB/FB and their answers are as follows:

Who contacted who first? Was the Tent video brought to your attention or did you just happen to find it?
Happened to find it we do a YT search every day for various terms. Saw it the day after it was posted.

Do you know the real names of those involved? I am not asking for the names just if you know them
No, just an incredible mass of speculation

 If it turns out Rick Dyer is behind this what will be FB/FB's stance?
 Well we know it is not CGI, there is a screen between the filmer and the subject so it would have to be an elaborate suit.

It also could be real, there are ten members of the tracking group and they were filming as Kulls surmised. We now know it was filmed on. 9/6 and Dyer was kicked out/resigned on the tenth. It was posted I the 13th.

We are fairly sure the YT poster had no idea what was on the video when he posted it to YT.

Was FB/FB involved in this before the video was uploaded to YouTube?

 Absolutely no involvement, we actually would have avoided it if we had known. We made our decision based upon the head being set foreward on the body. This is a trait seen in archaic human like Homo Heidelbergensis. Other traits match Patty and the Freeman film.

Lastly, we have never spoken to Dyer, we have no idea who the poster who we have been talking to is. I will say he/she adamantly and emotionally denies any hoax.
That's about all I have for now, thanks for taking the time to consider my questions.

I asked one more follow up question:
So you are pretty much confirming that Dyer was involved at some point? Also, can I use these statements publicly?
Nothing we have confirms Dyer, but possibly a member Dyer's group.

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