Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Who is The Bigfoot Whisperer: Rob Fairless

Recently the Youtube channel ALIENINFORMATION uploaded a video of Bigfoot vocalizations allegedly recorded by a film student. After about a week ALIENINFORMATION stated on their video that they were lied to and the recording actually belonged to Rob Fairless. Upon releasing this information they made amends to Mr. Fairless by making them their Bigfoot investigator. Rob now goes by the moniker “The Bigfoot Whisperer”. Rob claims to have over 23 years in the field of Bigfoot research and calls himself  a Master Bigfoot Tracker  (reminds me of Rick Dyer’s claims). All of this got us here at SasquatchScoop thinking, just who is Rob Fairless and how did he become The Bigfoot Whisperer?

At SasquatchScoop we always start out by looking into the background information on the subject of our articles. A quick Google search usually is a good starting point. If you type in “Rob Fairless” in Google the first bit of information you find is that he is a musician. Rob and his cousin Randy Ashby have a band called  2 Nervous Guys, they are a country band and their stuff is pretty good. Next we find that Rob is from the small town of Karnak, Illinois. Karnak is a small town and as of the 2000 census had less than 700 residents. Rob has his own Youtube channel, ROBFAIRLESS. Most of what is uploaded to his channel is his musical related stuff but he and Randy have a couple of paranormal videos uploaded as well.
Deeper searches on Rob prove to be more interesting. Rob once called himself “The Unofficial Mayor Of Karnak”. He would upload videos to his Youtube channel that were fake news stories from his town. Some of those stories were pretty interesting and funny. Rob also has a FaceBook page known as The Unofficial Mayor Of Karnak although it doesn’t seem to be updated any more, nor does he seem to be uploading those type of videos to his channel and all the previous videos have been removed.

What we couldn’t understand is how ALIENINFORMATION decides to make Rob their Bigfoot researcher after a simple mistake of giving credit to the wrong person for the recording. A closer look at the ALIENINFORMATION channel provided a clue. Most of the videos on that channel just happen to be from southern Illinois, and even more odd is that a lot of those videos are from Karnak. So, Rob is from Karnak and ALIENINFORMATION reports on events from the same area. It is my contention that ALIENINFORMATION and Rob Fairless are one in the same, or at the very least, it is run by his cousin Randy, or a friend or another family member. To further corroborate this claim I looked even closer at Rob’s channel and the  ALIENINFORMATION channel. ALIENINFORMATION uploaded the video of the vocalizations less than 2 weeks ago. The claim that it belonged to Rob and not a film student came about 1 week ago. Rob had subscribed to ALIENINFORMATION’s channel about 1 month ago. In other words, Rob was a subscriber to the channel well before the video was uploaded, in fact he was one of the very first subscribers if not the first. In addition to that he had made comments on some of the uploaded videos. Here is his comment on the oldest video on their channel:
This is the most original ufo channel in the world. REAL OR FAKE IT DON'T MATTER. THIS CHANNEL IS AWESOME robfairless 1 month ago.
Rob went on to make the same statement on other videos as well.

One more look at Rob’s own channel shows that his paranormal videos are not what they appear to be. Rob seems to be poking fun at those who do this type of research. He has a cheap old tape recorder in which to capture EVP’s. At one point the claims that a demon is saying “Peanut Butter” and another point something about a garage door, all the while chuckling and laughing.
In conclusion, it appears that Rob is not a Bigfoot researcher at all, he is nothing more than a satirist. He is out to make fun and nothing more. We are not (at this point) calling him a hoaxer, but we we are passing along this information to those who may consider taking this guy seriously.


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