Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can't see the "Forest" for the trees

 Can't see the "Forest" for the trees
To discern an overall pattern from a mass of detail; to see the big picture or the broader, more general situation.(from Wictionary)

Folks, there is more to the Rick Dyer dead Bigfoot claim than meets the eye. There is a bigger picture that many are missing.

First let me start by saying that Minnow Films likely has little to do with the bigger picture. Minnow is just a means to an end. We tend to be focused on the Shooting Bigfoot film and all the claims around it. Shooting Bigfoot will most likely show a Sasquatch, real or fake, eating ribs from a tree. It may show the "persuit" of said sasquatch. I would almost be willing to bet that the film will end with a gunshot and a black screen. The footage shown will almost certainly be left up to individual interpretation, just like the tent video. If you listen closely enough you will hear how Rick really plans on cashing in on this story and it isn't from Minnow.

Rick has stated that the film Shooting Bigfoot is step one. Well what's step two? The same thing that step two would have been in 2008 if the hoax hadn't been revealed prematurely. Step two is a Bigfoot autopsy movie, Rick has mentioned such a movie on several occasions. If you remember back to the hoax of '08, the speculation was that Biscardi and Dyer were planning such a movie. They failed to do it then but Rick may not have failed this time.

So how would a Bigfoot autopsy movie make any money? While it's not guarenteed to make anything if you remember back to the Alien Autopsy hoax film it made boatloads of cash. If Rick, or whomever Rick sold his film company to, shopped this around and found a buyer, it has the potential to do the same.

Speaking of Rick selling his film company, there has been some debate as to whether or not he really did. I believe he did, or at least sold the rights to the autopsy footage and whatever was left of the tent video that has not been released. I have put a lot of thought as to exactly who he has sold it to. The facts add up to two individuals who live near St. Paul Minnesota. Rick visited St. Paul the 21st of February. Coincidently (or perhaps not) Musky Allen visited the St.Paul area on the 14th of the same month. It is my belief that Rick has sold his film company to Jim and Jon, better known as Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen. If you look at some simple facts you too may come to the same conclusion.

#1 The original black and white version tent video was uploaded under a fake name to youtube, it was later discovered that it was in fact Rick Dyer that uploaded it. To date this is the only time Rick has uploaded the tent footage on his own.
#2 Every subsequent uploading of the tent video was done by Jim and Jon. Rick may have used their uploads but they were the original uploaders. First was their analysis of the B&W clip, then their analysis of the color clip minus the sound. Most recently it was their upload of the color version with sound.
#3 The color version with sound came AFTER Rick's trip to Minnesota.
#4. FB/FB awarded Rick the 2012 Bigfoot Researcher of the Year award, a thank you perhaps?
#5 Rick's film company, Big Lion Films, allegedly had a film in production titled  Year Of Bigfoot "2013", Facebook Find Bigfoot has used the same phrase and even gotten some press by declaring 2013 The Year Of Bigfoot.
#5 And this is what leads me to believe that it was in fact Jim and Jon who bought Rick's Film company, Rick said he was in Minnesota to "sign papers" related to the alleged bigfoot.

Why would the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys want to buy this footage and how does this relate to their promise to shut down their site if this is found to be a hoax?
I believe the answer is simple. They have bigger fish to fry, they are interested in the general public and not the Bigfoot community. If their page closes down, so what. The autopsy film, if successful, will bring in more money than a simple Facebook page ever could. Jim is a marketing guy, he knows this. Rick Dyer knows this, Musky Allen knows this.
Rick mentioned something on his podcast that also struck me, he said when this is all said and done he will disappear for a while. Musky has been known to make the same claim. FB/FB shutting down would also make them disappear. Convenient? Maybe.

Take this information for what it's worth, it is just speculation on my part. Look into the story on your own and form your own conclusions.


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  2. At this point I'm pretty sure that Minnow was there to do the filming. The tent video was hoaxed. I know this personally as fact, not from just putting pieces together. Once the film is out, I'd have a hard time believing that Morgan Mathews will allow the hoax to continue (assuming a real bigfoot did not actually come to the hoax site that night and get shot). The film is it, then the wad is shot. One more month and it's done.

  3. Step one was Minnow
    Step two was tent video hoax
    Step three was shooting story
    Step four is haha I told ten stories. No one should have believed any of this. There's no bigfoots.

    Add attacks on naysayers and delays of evidence literally everywhere.

  4. STEP 5 - Rick Dyer finds and beats another pregnant female, and then is raped in prison.

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