Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 wrongs don't make a right

I did a post earlier on a man named Harry Pearce and his friend Elisha Wells. I have received some negative feedback on that post. In a nutshell Harry and Elisha made a false claim that they were invited by Rick Dyer to view the alleged Bigfoot body. Harry provided a photo that he claimed to be the face of the dead Bigfoot. Racer X and I quickly debunked the photo.

Harry Pearce photo               Actual photo Harry manipulated
Some have said Harry and his accomplice are just pulling a prank, a punk of Dyer and Facebook Find bigfoot if you will. They have told me and Racer X that we should have understood it was just a prank. The fact is, Harry lied. Harry had a chance to tell me what the truth was and when I questioned him about why I should believe him he lied to me. A lie is a lie. Rick Dyer may well be hoaxing us once again, I believe he is, but to make up a fake story to prove a point or to see if people will fall for it puts Harry on the same level. Harry has claimed to be a preacher of God's word and therefor holds himself to a higher standard of truth than the average Joe. Shame on you Harry and shame on those of you who think it is OK to lie just to prove a point.

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