Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Bigfoot Hoaxers Credo (humor)

 If there was such a thing as a credo for Bigfoot hoaxers, this would be it. Keep in mind, this is not directed at any single hoaxer but at all hoaxers in general.

The Bigfoot Hoaxers Credo

1. We believe that Bigfoot does not exist and anyone who believes in the existence of such a creature are just plain stupid.
2. We Believe we are better than everyone else because we say we are.
3. We believe that we should never be questioned and everything we say must be taken as fact no matter how ridiculous it is.
4. We believe that we must never provide any solid evidence to back up our claims.
5. We believe that those who do not blindly follow us must be labeled "haters".
6. We Believe that our personal information, such as our real names,arrest records, and previous hoaxes must NEVER be made public (even when such information is already public).
7. We believe that our "haters" personal information, such as real addresses and phone numbers MUST be made public (even when said information is not already public).
8. We believe that when our hoax is finally revealed we must claim that it is our "haters" fault and we were just teaching them a lesson.
9. We believe that we can do no wrong, are always blameless, and beyond persecution.
10. We believe that if and when we are exposed as hoaxers it won't matter because we can hoax again, and again, and again, and.....................


  1. Does this also include such notables as Rodger Patterson and Bob Gimlin?

    1. Roger and Bob have never been positively identified as hoaxers, however if they were then YES this would apply to them. Not all hoaxers use all of the Credo, they can pick and choose. There are some things not in the credo that they may also choose to do.
      My thoughts on the Patty film will remain quiet, I do not wish to open that can of worms.

  2. Excellent post.. great job. Funny, but so, so true.