Saturday, February 9, 2013

Will The Real Musky Allen Please Stand Up?

It has been reported over on Steve Kulls blog and also by Dr. Matthew Johnson that Musky Allen's real name is Allen Issleb. I took a few minutes to see whether or not this claim is true. There is in fact an Allen Issleb that lives in Illinois. Allen is 43 years old and resides in, or at least did reside in,  Wauconda Illinois. I can't 100% say that this is in fact Musky's real name but all roads are pointing in that direction.

Musky has claimed on several occasions that he was sued by Matt Moneymaker back in the day and that as a condition of the lawsuit his website had to be shut down. Well, what does Matt have to say about this? Matt say's he only recently heard of Allen and that he has not sued anyone ever.

Musky, or Allen, or whatever your name is, it is time to stand up and prove your claims just as you have asked others to do. Prove that Matt sued you, prove that you researched with Dahinden, Prove that Rick Dyer's Bigfoot body is real.


  1. The burden of proof is now on you Musky - you dumb f**k!

  2. Wauconda, WI does not exist.He's either from Wauconda, IL. or Harshaw, WI. Probably one address is current and the other former. Wauconda is just outside Chicago where he flew out of to get to Vegas.

  3. And here's your buddy Dick Ryder's website.

  4. It is so funny but is sad in another way, to watch as Dyer puts out all these claims and when he is called out, all he can do it attack the other people that is trying to do a good job and the ones he hates. Man, if anyone in their right mind had a BF body, the best way to gain your respect, dignity and notoriety back is to SHUT up. As my daddy used to tell us when playing sports, shut your piehole and let your playing on the field do your talking!

    Thanks man, keep up the good work!

  5. Can you share a link where he says this? ( matt moneymaker sued him )

  6. Enough of this Sophmoric BS, the proof of burden
    Lies upon both Dyer and Musky Allen
    Being a Musky fishing tournament guy from IL for over 10 years figured this Musky Allen might be on the Musky circuit , but apparently not
    As a lifelong amateur Crptozoologist, all I can say is
    Giant Squid, Coelocanth and the recent discovery of whale species thought to be extinct for eons
    Sasquatch will be proven , this is Dyetr and Alkens shot at redemption or the road to perdition
    Just call me
    Bingemon (Janaican for guitar playing Bigfoot aficionado

  7. WAY TO GO STEVE KULLS!!!!!! Your the Man!!!! Your getting close on Musky... Allen Forest Issleb Aliases:
    Allen F Issleb, Allen F Issleb, Allen F Issleb, Allen Issleb, Allen R Issleb, Allen F Issleg, Allan F Issleb, Allen F Isslab, Allen F Isleb, Issleg Allen, Allen Issleg, Allen F Issileb
    who really lives at: 915 Peninsula Dr, Wauconda, IL 60084 with his Mommy (Mary Lou) & Daddy (Robert G.) Several people he has robbed and stolen from have been looking for him so Thanks to you we now know that he might be hiding out in his parents summer place in Wisconsin:-)