Thursday, February 7, 2013

Breaking My Silence On Rick Dyer

Never Forget 2008

Rick recently met with Musky Allen, an alleged "super skeptic" and made him a "believer"
Since October I have been following this story and working diligently to come up with the facts. In this case facts are hard to come by. There are some that even Rick can't deny and the following are some of those.

Lets look at the verifiable facts of this case

Fact #1. Rick Dyer is an admitted hoaxer
Fact #2. Rick Dyer has claimed he could hoax the Bigfoot community again.
Fact #3. Musky Allen's entire online persona has never been verified by anyone.
Fact #4. Rick Dyer LIED about getting a permit to kill Bigfoot in Canada.
Fact #5 Rick Dyer and Musky Allen are the ONLY ones making claims that anyone besides Rick Dyer are involved in any of this.
Fact #6. Rick Dyer's Vice President of operations at Bigfoot Tracker LLC, D.J. Brashears (or Bashers depending on how he decides to spell it) claims he is a video analyst but his own profile on Facebook mentions NO such experience, in fact it states that he is a used car salesman and studied to be a Sous chef.
Fact #7. Minnow Films has never made any claims about this movie and so far have refused to answer any emails from anyone in the Bigfoot community.
Fact #8 Tom Biscardi is the only verified subject of the Minnow Films documentary.
Fact #9 Rick Dyer has continually stated that he is lying about certain aspects of this story just to throw us off.
Fact #10 Rick claims to have seen a Bigfoot at the same location in San Antonio in 2009 but has made several statements since that time that Bigfoot is not real, Rick only recently came out with the 2009 story.
Fact #11. Musky Allen has made several statements that Rick Dyer and hoaxes are good for the Bigfoot community.
Fact #12. Rick Dyer's "film company" Big Lion Films has a movie in production called "Year Of The Bigfoot 2013" and another called "Men In Black The Proof" I think you can see where this is going.

These are just a few of the verifiable facts. There are many more. I do not believe that Musky had been conspiring with Rick all along but I do believe that he is now. Rick believes that we are all fools but he really does not care what the Bigfoot community thinks because we are a small piece of the pie, he want's the whole pie and will stop at nothing to get it. Rick has made claims that there is no money involved until the body is sold but in early October he told me that he doesn't do anything unless money is involved and he does not care as long as he can cash the check, in fact he said he was getting money wired to him, this was what he told me when he claimed he was on his way to London to meet with TV people.

How far will Rick take this? Well if 2008 is any indication, he will take it to the farthest limit that we and the general public will allow him to. Yes, there will be a news conference, yes there will be a "body", yes there will be a scientist or doctor that "verifies" all of this and YES Rick will laugh all the way to the bank.

One last note, I saw this posted on one of the Facebook groups or forums somewhere and I apologize to the original poster because I can't seem to remember who it was but they made a statement that, to me, held a lot of truth. It went something like this: If a criminal broke into your house and then claimed to be reformed would you then let that same criminal house sit for you if they asked you?
Same goes for an admitted hoaxer.


  1. Well said. It's a shame that people lie to get attention like this. If in fact there was a body, a REAL investigator would have certainly produced evidence & would certainly be working with an accredited university or the science community in determining that, not running around collecting money & "claiming" to have something that they don't have. In this case, the words "Con Artist" come to mind. That's my opinion. Mr. Dyer should either put up or shut up.

  2. Well said and thank you for all those great fact's. It is very hard to find any info on Musky. Everything I found, he was tied to Dyer. I have to agree, I think this is just another hoax. Thank you for sharing all this info with us and Happy Bigfooting!

  3. I do not predict a long nor a happy life for Rick Dyer. He is going to mess with the wrong person one day and end up dead. Someone will not be happy about being fleeced by a lying idiot such as Rick Dyer, and Rick will be gone with the wind... We reap what we sow,and Rick's harvest will never be a good one.

  4. Here we go again Rick Dyer the world greatest bigfoot hoaxer has a new sidekick Musky Allen and there about to fleece someone. If you see Rick Dyer name on anything do yourself a favor and grab your wallet and run.

  5. The inbred hoaxer's website!