Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bigfoot Whisperer Returns! World Exclusive!

The Reverend Doctor Rob Fairless returns to Bigfooting with a new video talk show! Moments ago the good Dr. shared the following announcement on my Facebook timeline:

I want to announce to the world on your page Steve that I will be starting my own video talk show. I will be calling and talking to the biggest names throughout America about Bigfoot in full Bigfoot Whisperer Attire. I will record the show in my "Lair" deep in the woods where I have my captured Sasquatch in the Well. At the moment I do not have any guests scheduled but hopefully the word will quickly get out and I will start getting people wanting to be guests. As always I will have my co-host "Anthropology Man" (Randy) as my co-host. These shows will be available on YouTube in full HD. Tentative name "Inside The Lair Starring The Bigfoot Whisperer & Anthropology Man"

Check out the new Bigfoot whisperer videos at Rob's Alieninformation channel on Youtube.


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